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The X Walker

Here's my contribution to the Concept Mecha Group Build. I'll be making a biped walker type mech/droid inspired by non other than this beast:

I won't actually be copying ED-209, but rather make something similar in terms of form and function. Since the GB called for using scrap materials, I opted to go for parts from my ever growing scrap pile of surplus kit parts. Rummaging through that pile, I found these:

Adding a little bit of plaplates and beams, I turned those parts into these:

When assembled, looks like this:

I know what rzero1 has done are statues, and that was what I was actually planning to do, but, the engineer in me couldn't help but make it a functioning mecha with moving parts and poseable.

That's it for now...


Edit: So as not to be too narcissistic, I've simplified the name to "The X Walker."

MAC Forums Concept Mecha Group Build

This Group Build started when rzero1 posted funky-looking but nonetheless impressive "junk bots" which he scratch-built using nothing but scraps.  This just goes to show that we don't really need to use expensive materials to create great works of art so as long as creativity is always there.  Here are a couple of what rzero1 has done so far.

DC23, my f5 partner in crime and I will be featuring the finished bots in their own gallery.  I might join in the fray since I do have a few things I can use in my ever growing scrap pile.  Kriz Cook of KrizCreations will be overlooking the builds during the course of the project.

Heatless HIPS/Plaplate Bending

Another inquiry finally prompted this post so I can simply direct people to it.  I've posted this at ZeroG and elsewhere, and have wondered why I haven't made it a blog entry before.

High Impact PolyStyrene sheets, or simply HIPS/PS sheets are alternatives to the more expensive Tamiya "Plaplate" brand.  These sheets are highly flexible and bendable to a certain extent.

Applying heat makes it easy to bend HIPS/plaplates, but, once they harden, they become rather difficult to fix or manipulate further. Plaplates, being made of polystyrene, are rather flexible and can be bent to a point without breaking even without heat. Once bent, they would basically keep the bent shape, but maintain their flexibility until you're ready to "finalize" the shape.  Plaplates have a more obvious grain or directionality (as compared to molded plastic), and it's worthwhile to take note of it because it can snap when bent along the grain.  Bending it against the g…

An EPIC battle...

... between good and evil, where the fate of the world hangs in the balance.  All of time and space will shake at its foundations, and our future shall remain uncertain.

Regardless, who ever wins, we lose.

Wait, wait.  I got it all WRONG.  It's a face-off between Master and Student, Kenny Lim, aka Toymaker and DC23, aka Energizer Bunny.  And it's about FRAKKIN' time.


No, I'm not talking about the Comic Book, "The Uncanny X-Men" (which I used to collect when I was way younger), but the seemingly coinciding random events that involves Middleway (one of the songs in our self-titled album), the Anime my bandmate and guitarist extraordinare AJ used as a backdrop for the music video he made (he thought the story appropriate for the song, and I agree), and somewhat, if I am now guilty of giving it (a well-deserved) overexposure, the Chimera.

AJ made the music video July of last year and told me about it after posting it on YouTube.  I didn't give it much thought back then (though I did ask what the Anime was about), mainly because I had been pre-occupied with a lot of things up until now.  I haven't watched the anime in its entirety as I just finished watching the anime, (I rarely do and when I do, it's mostly those about mechas, samurais and warriors, and sci-fi stuff).  Digressing a bit, I've always liked Bleach, Naruto a…

The CORE Method Groin Fix

This was an answer to a PM question at MAC forum, but I'll put it as a tutorial somewhat.

Breaking/broken parts are inevitable. Even simple handling and/or assembly can break a part that's structurally weak or has inherent molding flaws, like bubbles in the molded part, or in my recent blog post, directionality of the molded plastic. The latter is not so much of a problem until it comes to sanding; each time you complain about having a nub mark at an odd position which makes progressive sanding an entire part necessary, you can attribute it to directionality.

In my case, I break a lot of parts especially during test fits and modifications. Sometimes, a part is just too darn weak, or, I'm just too darn impatient. When I break a part though, I no longer fret because I've learned a few trick on how to fix them.

So here's one, strangely enough, not by me, but, something I can relate to nonetheless because it's all too familiar.

DarkWorkx sent me th…

The Chimera; With Wings

It may seem like I'm on massive Chimera overload with the recent posts, but, I can't really help it.  I'm proud of this beast.  I've been asked by a few people about its wings, and why I decided to leave it out.

Simple:  It looks better without it.  Someone at HobbyFanatics noted it when I "revealed" a prepaint test-fit, tight-shot, silhoutte of the Chimera with wings mounted during its final WIP stage.

Height Proportions

This tip was brought on courtesy of a question Krescenhaze asked regarding height proportions of Gundams (or any MS design for that matter. I used to teach a little comic book art back in the 90s, so I'm quite familiar with the subject in human anatomical terms.

My reply:
Regular human proportions is 7.5 heads tall (1/0.5/2.5/3.5) for the head/neck/torso/legs respectively, or 3.5 from head to groin and 4 from groin to feet. Ideal "heroic" proportions is 8 heads (1/0.5/3/4) This proportion is used to balance the bulk of heroic or muscled characters. Most Gundams and other MS designs do not follow any standard proportions but follow mostly the flow of the design of the MS, so some are like 4/5, with the head too small and looking as if it's hammered down the shoulders, with the neck not visible in most cases. So far, only two are "almost" human in proportions; The Strike, and the Exia.

I know you're asking this mainly for the Unico…

The Ascent of the Chimera

This is one of the test shots I've done for the Chimera. I used a technique to have it in flight mode without having it mounted on a stand. I added a little Lens Flare effect to make it more fun. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

It looks better without the wings I've made for it (as was intimated by a few people who saw it).
(Edit: I gave up on fixing my lighting problem for the sky layover, but I believe the black background gave the Chimera justice in highlighting its details.)

(Additional Edit:  The eye is an LED mod, not a Photoshop effect).