Monday, January 31, 2011

The X Walker


Here's my contribution to the Concept Mecha Group Build. I'll be making a biped walker type mech/droid inspired by non other than this beast:

Posted Image

I won't actually be copying ED-209, but rather make something similar in terms of form and function. Since the GB called for using scrap materials, I opted to go for parts from my ever growing scrap pile of surplus kit parts. Rummaging through that pile, I found these:

Posted Image

Adding a little bit of plaplates and beams, I turned those parts into these:

Posted Image

When assembled, looks like this:

Posted Image

Posted Image

I know what rzero1 has done are statues, and that was what I was actually planning to do, but, the engineer in me couldn't help but make it a functioning mecha with moving parts and poseable.

That's it for now...


Edit: So as not to be too narcissistic, I've simplified the name to "The X Walker."

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