A very nicely done MG Red Frame

Although I got the PG Red Frame last year without batting an eyelash, I felt a bit disappointed when I saw the MG version being nothing more than a remold/recolor of the Blue Frame.  Though, that was to be expected, since they are basically the same MS.  There's something about those thin shins and small feet being out of proportion that turned me off.

Then, rummaging through the blog rolls of my recent visitors, I found this:

It's modeled by Asayume.  The guy has quite a repertoire of kits, and I believe is as prolific with Gunpla as DonC23 (whom incidentally was the one who nudged me to finally make this blog public), but his Red Frame was a nice surprise for me.  His is a minimalist approach weathering-wise, a fresh approach style-wise having seen too many a "Max Technique" shaded kit, with absolutely no decals, just the way I like it.

I've put off getting the MG Red Frame, but with this, I am encouraged to simply modify the shins and feet to add bulk when I do get one myself.

Maybe after the MG Wing, which is another story altogether.


  1. yes i like this style too. simple, slight weathering in the right spots and no decals. just a great model all around

  2. Nice blog you got there, Max. Keep it up ! :)


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