Monday, April 5, 2010

Scribing "Smooth" Curved Panel Lines

This tutorial is also a Part of the Ice Queen Build.

1. You'll need a pencil, of course, to sketch your intended lines

2. Use your knife to score the plastic deep enough, making sure you follow the line faithfully and as smoothly as you can. (Careful with this, I got major cuts from just doing this step). Don't worry about stray scratches; these can be easily sanded off later.

3. Next, use a needlepoint scriber (mine is one of the needle bits from my rotary tool set, mounted on my Tamiya pin vise)) to deepen the initial marks done with the knife. On this step, you can make sure that the curve is indeed smooth, and you can basically even out the deepness and width of the panel line/s. You can stop at this stage, since the needlepoint can make a deep enough panel line.

4. If you need to make a wider and deeper panel line, you can always use a plastic cutter (mine is a Tajima I got cheap at M. Enriquez) since it also doubles as a scriber. Note: this tool is DIFFICULT to use as a scriber, and takes practice to use.

Use the needle point to even out the line, if needed.


Here's a closer view of the panel line, still half done...


Here's the painted version. As you can see, the scribing, when done right, is not really as rough as one might think. Personally, it works for me.



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