Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Scarlet JinX WIP Part V

Detailing.  I've employed a few borrowed techniques from DonC and a few others on plaplate detailing.  Man this is PAINFUL work (mainly because of my eyesight, and my lack of dexterity/patience when handling/cutting very small parts.  I don't know how DonC and the other guys who do this DO this).

I penciled the design on the armor itself (this one attaches to the back of the thigh), then overlayed a wide piece of regular office type masking tape and and traced the initial sketch.  I then attached the masking tape to a 0.3mm plaplate and made two copies by taping another piece underneath and cutting them at the same time using scissors and side cutters.  I used this technique to most of the detailing mods that needed at least two instances of the part.

Minor Rifle Mod.  Using an ample-length 1.0mm plaplate as a guide, I enlarged the rectangular hole at the side of the Rifle extension by cutting away about 1.5mm from the opening so more of the inner detail can be seen.

I filed the resulting edge at about 45 degrees to restore the bevel (using another guideline lightly scribed on the part itself.  This is the same method I employ in sharpening blade edges but at deeper angles.

Test Fit.

With the Double Bolo and shoulder mounts.


  1. great work so far. 2 things - looks way beter without thrusters and in the front shot Double Bolo seem kinda out of place, the MS looks to wide IMO, perhaps they could sviwel backward? just an idea..

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, but I'm quite happy how it turned out. Unlike the actual AdvGNX, those aren't really thrusters.

    I am considering a back mount for the weapons, though.

  3. DIdn't knew the thruster aren't thrusters, wonder waht they will be...
    as for the weapons I think it would be best to add a secondary mount on the back, so that you can choose were to put them when not in use ( i think they could be used as ramming weapon when in shoulder configuration - just like Zaku)

  4. The Blades swivel forward or backward and act somewhat as shields in that configuration. Also, the shoulder mounts offer easy accessibility during combat.


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