Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Scarlet JinX Lance

With the JinX nearing completion (only minor detailing and painting need be done), I've been contemplating on what else to do on this project.  I actually started on modifying an NG Exia torso for a 00 Qan[T] commission(?), but I didn't really want to work on it until I've managed to get a 00 for the project (I kinda trashed my older 00 kit for the Infinity build).

Then I remembered the the AdvGNX has a lance, so I thought, why not build one myself?

I've been avoiding having to use putty over time (incidentally, I've also managed not to use CA/super glue), resorting to it only when absolutely necessary.  This one will not be an exception.  I'll build this using only plaplates and cement.

High-impact Plastic Sheets (HIPS).  These are also made of polystyrene, but are cheaper and a tad softer than Tamiya plaplates.  Whereas it takes me a couple or so knife passes to cut through plaplates (I no longer cut all the way through for thicker plates.  I cut midway or so end to end, and snap the pieces off), HIPS actually give way to sharp blades rather easily.  They also have a light blue tinge that identifies it from Tamiya.  I'll be using HIPS as general purpose building materials, and relegate the more expensive plaplates to detail work and builds requiring more strength.

I estimated the length I needed for the lance and hilt and started cutting from there.  I made a bigger  isosceles central triangle, and 6 small right triangles that will connect to the main triangle.

When connected, the triangles will support one another and give the structure form and strength.  I used a 3mm beam for the hilt and will detail it further as I go along.

I also used a surplus GN drive from one of my Astraeas for detailing.

To be continued...


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