Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Scarlet JinX Lance Part II

I used 3mm beams to create a combined sword guard and rifle handle for the lance.  I also added a peg and socket connection for a sturdy fit between the lance and the hilt guard.  Again, I could have simply joined the two sections together and be done with it, but it's actually part of my thought process.  Also, having this system makes it easier to paint the parts if I decide to paint them in different colors (which I realized later that I would).

More Plaplate bending.  1.0mm plaplates can indeed be bent, but certain shapes are more difficult to form.  In these cases, I use two thinner (0.5mm) plates, one cut slightly larger into shape than the other and bent separately into shape.  These two are then cemented together and continually formed into shape.

At certain times, I also use masking tape to hold the shape ( so I can do other stuff, say, like update this blog) until the cement hardens and cures.  The cement dries in as little as 10 - 30 minutes, the plates will hold the form but is still flexible enough for additional manipulation.  A cemented build totally cures and is almost impossible to bend without breaking in a day or so.

To be continued...

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