Gundam Qan [T] MatX Pseudo Version Part II

Quickie update.

Like most of my mods, I kept the parts being removable by exploiting the original connective pegs and sockets. In cases when I had to cut them out, I simply replace them with either a similar-sized beam or piece of plaplate if reusing them is not an option.


I did just that with the round central armor when I mangled into pieces then rebuilt to change/reverse its form. In some cases only a small part of the original armor is left, as in the case of the lower abdominal armor.


I've also made the side protrusions from scratch by a simple assembly of 4-5 pieces of plaplates each.



I've also managed to make the side and lower abdominal armors to interlock, so one must be in place before the others to make the lock work.


That's it for now. I'm currently working on the chest and the shoulder mounts (which is NOT easy because of the way it was designed).


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