Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gundam Qan [T] MatX Pseudo Version Part V

Groin and Waist mod.  I decided to use the Exia's groin and waist assembly mainly because it's more flexible and articulated than the 00's.  As I have mentioned time again, the 00's construction is so poorly designed it's more of a downgrade from the Exia in terms of detail and articulation.  I was quite disappointed with the 00's simplicity after having seen the Exia's close to MG pseudo frame.

I started with the main groin assembly by cutting the top portion off and extending that with plaplates reinforced with small pieces of 3mm beams.  Note that I filed the edge of the plaplates at an angle so it can fit snugly onto the crevice, providing a greater bonding area and thus a stronger bond overall.

I've modified the Exia's waist adapter, trimming all the unnecessary parts and cemented the "nape" mod to it.

The groin joints.  I combined the Exia's and 00's groin joints by cutting appropriate sections.  For the 00, I removed the section that holds the socket polycap and trimmed that flush.  The picture below shows the unmodified 00 groin joint, still with the polycap (left), The modified 00 joint (middle) with the two section already cemented together, and the Exia's unmodified joint.

For the Exia, I removed the peg and excesses and filed as much as I can to make the cut ares flat and flush.

I then cemented the two assemblies together to make one modified joint.  The left shows the unmodified 00 joint, the right shows the combined joint.

I've also added a plug to reinforce the modification.

During a test fit, I realized the space between the waist adapter and the groin joints were too close for comfort and the under groin too drooping.  This was one of those unavoidable mods, but it was as simple as cutting the peg laterally, trimming it a bit and inverting it.  The overall modification gave approximately an additional 10mm to the waist and groin.

Test fit.  I've temporarily place the 00's groin and rear armor to gauge how the final should look like.  I've temporarily mounted it on the (scrapped) Infinity until I get a new 00.

That's it for now.

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