The Dragon Ronin Astray Part II

The Damage has been Done

Again, damaging or breaking parts seem to be unavoidable, but there are parts that break due to design flaws. This one in particular is the notch/hole where the V-fin is inserted.

I've assessed the damage and realized this is a fairly easy fix, but must be better and stronger than the original.

Using a file, I leveled off the tip to get a wider gluing area, then sawed off a section underneath to fit a piece of styrene. I used a 0.5mm styrene, but later decided to 1.0mm instead to make the fix stronger.

Shaped the base styrene before cementing the second one and shaped that one as well for easier finishing.

Leveled off the excess with a file and sanded it flush with a 280 grit sandpaper.

Good as new. The fix also gave me an opportunity to add Vulcan guns on the Astray an idea I've had since I got the kit.


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