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"BATHALA" - PMX-003 MG The O vMatX Part VIII

Redesigning the redesign (or, more likely, refining the old one). Sometimes, simple is the best option. In this build, I tried to employ the simplest modification or build as I possibly can. In my previous update, I was able to make the base/arm of the wing as simple as I can, but, the more I worked on it and thought about it, the more stability problems can occur, especially since I was going to rely on a simple dual bar mechanism to hold a wing assembly more than 10 times its own weight. "

So another radical rethink was in order.  This time, I looked back at my original wing base design and assessed where it failed.

With all those articulation points being held up by a flimsy design, it was bound to fail, although it looked impressive at the time. Even though I was avoiding this, I wasn't prepared to sacrifice stability for simplicity. In this redesign, I've reconfigured the 4WD gears and the aluminum extenders to an optimum placement and positioning. …

The GBWC Philippines Regional Final "Twist"

It's on.  And the deadline's a month earlier than in previous years.  Last year was huge, with a lot of heavily modified entries making it into the mix.

But, there's a new twist in the rules.  Aside from bringing the box to provide authentication, the manual must also be provided, PLUS, and here's where it can get hairy, kits used as entries MUST be bought from Toys R Us, with receipts.

Okay.  Nothing wrong with that on the marketing perspective since Toys R Us are basically forcing people to purchase kits so people can enter, but, like myself, there are a lot of people who start their entries early, hence have already bought kits.  I doubt this is a drive to prevent bootlegs from making it into the pool, since no one in his right mind would enter a bootleg and present an actual Bandai box, unless of course, he is really that scrupulous a cheap skate and got a box from someone who doesn't even bother painting his kit (someone <anonymous> admitted doing this …

"BATHALA" - PMX-003 MG The O vMatX Part VII

A quick update:

As I previously assessed, overall weight is an issue when it comes to connecting the base of the wing to the back pack. Still, of all the mechanisms I imagined and tested (I even tested the swivel/hinge units of the extra sword arms underneath the front skirts), nothing could hold the combined weight of the wings. I began thinking of crazy mechanisms again, until the simplest solution became obvious.

A single pivot connection won't cut it, unless I use screws and nuts again, which I am avoiding because this is the very same thing that caused my problems with my previous wing designs. I also use a dual pivot system before with the Angelus, but it also failed because of inherent flaws in the design itself.

So, what if, I used a dual pivot system which has parallel connections?

The mechanism is so simple, with nothing more but a pair of sandwiched polycaps that are interconnected by two beams of equal length, working on the principle of a dynamic p…

"BATHALA" - PMX-003 MG The O vMatX Part VI

The Evolution of Design. As an all-around Graphic Designer for the last 20 years, I've seen design disciplines evolve with the times. In those two decades, I've learned that sometimes, if not most of the time, the simplest of designs is often the most effective, especially with logos or corporate identity.

This also holds true with industrial design, an in my case, Gunpla. I have been fascinated with most anything that has wings that, aside from weird and unique designs, I actually tend to lean on those that have wings, or at least, a semblance of it, with a few exceptions (I don't like the Destiny since its "wings" looks forced, and though I did get the MG Strike Freedom at a huge discount, I never really liked it either, not to say that what I'll do now would look okay later on). The designs I like so far are the Kyrios, the Zeta Plus A1, the Epyon and of course, the TV version of Gundam Wing.

I have made several attempts on wing designs, …

"BATHALA" - PMX-003 MG The O vMatX Part V

Symmetrical Solipsism. Symmetry is always a tricky matter especially when doing symmetrical parts at separate times. I started these at the same time, but, as it went, I had to redesign them to make them streamline. The problem wasn't avoiding having to redo the parts, but rather, making them symmetrical at mid-stage of the build. So I had to employ a few old tricks maybe a few of you already know.

We generally use masking tape to mask parts during painting, and maybe keep cemented parts in place as they bond and cure. But, I also use masking tape to achieve curved-parts symmetry by applying tape over the curved surface I want to replicate, marking the edges I want to copy with a pencil, then apply that over a slab of WHIPS (or plaplate). I then simply cut the part along the lines I've made, adjusting the cut as needed, then flip the cut part. With this technique, I can achieve very close symmetry with little room for error.

Using the same masking tape t…

"BATHALA" - PMX-003 MG The O vMatX Part IV

Skirting by. I decided to modify the the front skirts to more appropriate proportions, reducing the width in the process. I cut the ball joints and one of the vent connections on each of the skirt frames, then cut the skirt armor along the length of the thicker section. I then cut the side section to remove a few millimeters. I then made a new connective framework by merging the connective ball joint with a shaped WHIPS, reinforced at the edge with 3mm beams. I then rebuilt the armor with WHIPS, maintaining the vent connector. These will undergo further detailing.

I've also rebuilt the midsection of the the rear skirt by modifying a spare part from my PG Astray kit (coincidentally, this is also a rear skirt section) and modifying the frame to add shape, detail and volume overall. The assembly comes three sections for easier painting later on.

Last but not least, I've decided to build the rear skirts entirely from scratch, mainly because the modified stock …