Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MG Turn X Gundam ver MatX WIP Part VI

One of the difficulties I've encountered on this project is more about working and building around the existing parts to make way for the conversions.  Since I decided not to build a chest frame and use the existing frame, the shoulder connection also posed a problem.  Regardless, I would have to build new shoulders for the conversion.

Scrounging for parts, I finally found the extra wing connectors of my MG Strike Freedom FBM (which I have been madly looking for the past couple of months).  I modified the stock parts of the Turn A and so that it acts as an extension to the SF FBM connectors.  This was a good test for my home made cement, since these two ABS parts stuck well enough without reinforcement.

I'll be building the Turn X's shoulders onto these later on.

For the meantime, I opted to work on the easier tasks, like the crotch guard and the mid torso.  I'll be using the Turn A's crotch and waist frame all throughout.  I've cut HIPS and plaplates to size and sculpted them according to shape.  The waist adapter gives this Turn X an additional 6mm height.

I also had to build the crotch guard in several pieces and sculpted it as similar as possible to my 1/144 reference.

Test fit.

I'll worry about the symmetry later on...

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