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A "lighter" shade of black...

I hardly post anything blogwise nowadays, and if you're familiar with the previous "I am poor so I buy bootlegs" phenomenon, I still get mild and violent reactions from anonymous morons (yes, I deliberately call them lowlifes <morons> because they can't seem to get the fact that justifying bootlegs is WRONG in so many ways that it affects others in the hobby.  If it's "just a hobby," you wouldn't feel too guilty about it which makes you run amuck in defense of bootlegs since you can't afford the real thing) that my traffic actually stays around average even without regular posts, thanks to a post at GetReal.

I've been working like "mad" to finish the Hellraiser, the progress of which I simply post as individual albums at my Hobby Stuff page on Facebook.  I simply don't want to "waste" so much time individually processing step-by-step photos since I also have the "day job" to worry about.

A lighter shad…