Saturday, June 21, 2014

And a weasel pops...

I know it's been a while since I posted anything WIP related, since I have been swamped with work-related stuff, seminars and workshops of late, those of which were not really in my schedule.  It has also been a while since my last post, and I have had several comments spread over those two posts, mostly anonymous ones.

Like I mentioned a few times over several posts, I don't normally allow STUPID comments from anonymous COWARDS, but since this COWARD posted his name (I doubt it's really him), and later a facebook link, why not make it into a POST instead?

Here's a screen shot of his posts.  On different dates.  It could be just him, or multiples of him. because that's just how trolls operate.

Let's break it down.

"So i suppose you DONT BUY OR DOWNLOAD any kind of pirated PROGRAMS (games, utilities, etc.)"

No, I don't. As an Adobe Certified Expert and an Instructor of Adobe software, I've signed an agreement to not promote software piracy of any kind. As per the CS series, we're given extended licenses by the School we teach at. 

I've mentioned this quite a few times especially when idiots like you drop this stupid "don't tell me you don't pirate music" reference/excuse as if the existence of music piracy makes bootlegging any less illegal.

Games? No. I don't play much games either, but hey, most games are actually free now, and even with the ones that have in-app purchasing functions, one only needs to be patient to go through levels. But, like I said, I don't do games much, I actually have WORK, and when I do play games, it's often to relax after a long day of work.

"MOVIES or MUSIC (you have paid for all the music your hear no?), and if you ever wanted to read a book, bought it or will buy the original and you are one of the selected people wich has actually paid to use WINRAR, and dont EVER use programs like BitTorrent, because why would you need that?..."

Is it so hard to believe that there are actually people who do not engage in piracy?

I'm a songwriter.  I'm also a Graphic Designer, and with that, an Artist. I understand what copyright means to someone who actually DOES create something.

You obviously don't.

So, no, I don't download music or movies, I BUY when I want to listen to music, and all the music I own, were through store purchases (I only own a few, and those I really like beyond the scope of being a songwriter because I hardly listen to music, if at all, and some were given by friends). 

I also prefer watching movies on the big screen, and buy movies/dvds of the ones I've missed on sale later on, because hey, buying it at a third or a quarter of the original price is such a steal, I feel guilty for people who have to resort to pirating them.  (Update:  Concurrently, Since I'm a loyal SM Cinema patron using the e-plus system, I have at least 5 more free passes, having already used 5 over the course of several months.  Unlike a lot of people who brandish downloading movies, I actually like watching movies in theaters).

I don't use Winrar.  I'm on a Mac, you know, those things most cheap PC users despise, because it's not that they can't afford Macs, it's just because they're too cheap to buy the really kewl stuff and complain that it's too expensive. I have no need for piracy, Macs have in-built apps, and for work, like I mentioned previously, I have an extended license from the School I teach at.  It's one of the perks of being an Adobe instructor.

So, just because you engage in piracy, don't immediately assume everyone else does.

"Dont fuck with me, we are old enough to be discussin about these things, you should look yourself in a mirror and see how big of an Hypocrite you actually are, go,d people like you make me mad."

Nobody told you to waste your time to comment here, yes?  So, before accusing me of "fucking with you," KNOW YOUR FUCKING PLACE.  This is my blog, as such, I can virtually say anything I want, without regard or care to what stupid people like you think.

People like you are so stupid, you don't think before you open your trap, just because you're too full of yourself to actually believe there are people who are not dumb enough like you are to go out of their way to harass other people who don't really care what you think.

"With no love,

Pablo Ignacio González Hermosilla"

If this is really even you.  For all I know you just got a random name from a random facebook account and used it just so you could say you didn't post anonymously.

Regardless, people like you are more hypocritical without being aware of your own hypocrisy, because, you can't see BEYOND the mirror.  People like you are the COWARDS you really are.

"You sound like a jackass."

I "sound" like a jackass.  People, this is the internet.  I don't give a rat's ass if I sound like a jackass or anything, since you I don't know you, and you don't know me. 

See, if I sound like a jackass, YOU are a jackass for taking your sweet time just to tell me I sound LIKE one.

" there, my facebook, just in case you wanna know the face of one of the many people who actualy think u are a jerk, because of this post i KNOW there are a LOT of them."

I really must have pissed this guy off, this one went straight to my SPAM folder, since he tried posting several times over the last few days.

Again, the FUCK I care if people think I'm a jerk. I'm not here to make you jerkoffs happy.  I post stuff here for those who APPRECIATE what I do, not for morons who can't even take a hint to leave it well enough alone.

The funny thing is, these people are so courageous online, and ONLY online.  No one has ever come up to me and say these things to my face (even if I have challenged them several times), mainly because they really don't know how I will react in person.  This particular fellow is so courageous, maybe because he's not really the guy on the FB link he posted.  I have been visible in events, yet, there's no one daring enough to even tell me up front, "MatX you're a jerk."

I know people who collect bootlegs.  I meet up with them and we even talk shop about the bootlegs they have and even tease me at times that I'm a bootleg lover in secret.  These people get mys respect because they KNOW WELL ENOUGH not to be defensive about the bootlegs they have.

I'm pretty sure you don't have a life outside the internet, and that's why you try so hard to get the attention of the people you consider as jerks.  Grow the FUCK up.


  1. WinRAR is absolutely free, you're not required to pay for it. The "payment" is actually more of a donation instead of a fee. You can use it as much as you like without "paying" for it. I guess the anon was a bit of a tard.

    Also, I disagree with Macs being cool. But that's gonna be a discussion for another day.

    1. Actually, I'm aware that WinRAR is donation-ware ever since and have become shareware (not sure when), but since I'm on a Mac, I didn't find the need to go any further than that.

      Don't get me wrong, I also use Windows even back then, I just like the Mac better. Even though I was somewhat of a Mac tech guy before, I just like the simplicity of not having to fuss over anything. It's a solid hardware/software system that anyone can use rather easily. And didn't I mention all those freebies?

      Right now, Apple has released two consecutive versions of OS X for FREE, so, right now, I'm not really in a position to complain (too much).

      But that's just me. I don't really care what other people use if it get's the job done for them.


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