Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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The 1st PINOYKON is a Pinoy Komiks, Toy Collection, Gaming and Cosplay Event and will feature various artists and talents in the local (and international) comic book scene, most notably, Gerry Alanguilan of WASTED and ELMER fame.  I myself was once a comic book collector, collecting the usual Marvel and DC superhero comics, but I was also one of the founding members of Alamat.  Back then, I was part of a group that promoted the use of computers and digital imaging to render, color, letter and layout comic book pages, and have written and drawn a few pages, most of which are in Alamat's flagship comic book (flagship, having been the FIRST one to come out with the Alamat insignia) P-NOISE back-to-back with INDIGO VALLEY.

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P-NOISE#2 Cover.  Those were the days indeed.

I would like to believe that I, as part of that group, helped contribute even if just a little bit, in our comic book culture, even if there were certain elements that do not want to put our small contribution in the history of Pinoy Komiks.

I've "met" PINOYKON's brave organizer, Jeffrey Benitez, quite by accident while I was browsing Facebook.  He and I hit it off mainly because of our mutual appreciation of comic books and Gundams.  As such, he gave me a deal I couldn't refuse, so I'll be there with a few of my Gundam and Hobby Stuff.  I'll be doing a few demos on modifications and scratchbuilding, and selling a few WHIPS and Sticky Stuff.

The Event will be at the Paseo de Magallanes, from 9AM onwards.  So see you all there this Saturday!

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