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Shoulders to Cry On

Apropo, the title above should explain (or confuse) much of how this build has been coming along. Contrary to this post, as those who are familiar with me at Facebook, I'm actually farther ahead in the build, and I'm just a bit preoccupied with the project itself (as well as work, among other things), that I have not been able to catch up on writing the actual current work-in-progress. So if you'd like to see how far ahead I actually am, just click HERE or HERE for the up-to-date and complete WIP photos (you'll also notice that those are arranged based on the dates they are shot whereas my WIP posts are arranged in story mode, with some of the photos left out).

Anyways, I've decided to scrap the shoulder armor except the connective part of the frame, including the ball and swivel joint that the entire shoulder armor connects to. First, I modified the shoulder connective part so I can easily encapsulate it with shaped 1.0mm WHIP…


The Tale of the Terrifying Truncated Torso

In our local folklore, we have a creature of the night called the "Manananggal." It is a vampyre/bat hybrid, usually female, and the reason it's called as such is because it can separate itself at the waist, with the upper torso transforming itself into a ghoulish form and grows wings. The mananangal often comes out during the full moon and hunts for human flesh, preferring the unborn. Of course, it rips the womb of the unlucky pregnant woman as well as it sucks the unborn fetus. As as kid, I was terrified of the manananggal more than anything else, and I often spread salt over our window sill and hang garlic cloves as well. I outgrew the fear eventually as I entered high school.

I was reminded of the creature while working on the Hellraiser mainly because I had to work on it in sections, but the Truncated Torso bit came mostly from how the PG WZC was built. It's mid torso "armor" was made of red …


Making the Impossible Possible

Although I started preparing myself, the kit and the plans for this build last November, I was only able to start i earnest cutting and hacking the parts as it drew to a close and December started coming in. Eventually, I ditched the plans I had made after assessing the kit, disassembling it and reassembling it so I'd know where things would go with or a without a manual. After making major modifications to make the WCZ head into the Hellraiser, I realized how much more work will go into its transformation from one to the other mainly because of how radically different those two looked.

Hatching a Plan

The main issue was the cockpit placement. The WZC's copckpit is located direct under the neck and deep inside the chest of the kit. The MG DSH has the cockpit at the center of the torso. This posed a problem because the PG WZC's entire torso frame is die cast metal. I will have to compensate for that and sacrifice build space la…