Monday, September 3, 2012

"HARIBON" MG RMS 108 Marasai vMatX Part III

Lightning update:

After the extending the upper arms, there was something about the forearms that kept bugging me (never mind the bright background lighting):

Posted Image

It looked too short for comfort. This is the kind of escalation I was trying to avoid (like how the Itch with the Chimera build) since again, I didn't want to do unplanned modifications, but to no avail. I was actually thinking about it while I was posting part II, but brushed it aside, till I could no longer.

Then again, the modification for this is about the same one I did for the ankle joint and rather simple. In this case however, I drilled the hole at the center off the ball along the its axis first, then cut the entire peg at the base. This pre-aligns the extension beam.

Posted Image Posted Image

Then used the same encapsulation method I did earlier. In this case however, I was using a 2mm round beam and a pipe with a 3mm inner diameter (the same type I used with the upper arm). To compensate for the difference, I cut thin strips of 0.3mm plaplates (yes, I still have a few of these buggers), and stuffed them in the gap and around the beam, then dropped cement to saturate the stuffing. It's a simple matter of attaching the peg/ball and sealing the entire thing with cement.

Posted Image

Better, if I do say so myself.

Posted Image

I'll try to post an update as soon as I can I'll be spending as much free time I have as I can on this build, but I have to work on a couple of projects first.

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