Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"HARIBON" MG RMS 108 Marasai vMatX Part IV

I did say on my previous update that I'll be working on a couple of projects first, but I was able to move them back a day, as such allowed me to work on some additional primary modifications.

I guess I can really work "fast" now because I've eliminated most of the guess work and analysis when I do modifications. Previously, it took me days to think of what to do, but since I've learned from my mistakes, and considering this build has far fewer mechanical and complicated modifications to figure out, with the addition of simplifying most of the stuff I did previously, I could work relatively faster.

First off, I considered using the full backpack and simply stick the additional stuff I was going to build into the notches provided for the Ballute, then considered just simply cutting and using the connector on the back pack and build on that.

Posted Image

I decided to ditch the entire thing and simply build a new connector. To make it easier for me, I built this in several parts instead of just cutting one piece of WHIPS at the middle, the main one having an upside down "U" and covers the notch that goes into the back pack, on the top and sides. I then cemented 3mm beams along the length of the notch on the bottom and top for optimum strength and tightness, then covered the bottom part with a piece of WHIPS. I cemented the other piece of the shield support assembly directly onto the 3mm beams, and they align as if this modification was meant to be.

Posted Image Posted Image

This now becomes the Haribon's wing mount. I've temporarily mounted the shields itself, since I might use them as the base for the wings. This kinda reminds me of one of the Empire's shuttles in Star Wars.

Posted Image

Test fit.

Posted Image Posted Image

I've modified the rear skirt as a "single" unit for the Haribon's tail. I'm still deciding which design I'll implement, whether a simple layered armor, or long feathers, similar to the Ronin's layered scales.

Posted Image
I'll try to post an update this weekend.

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