Monday, September 3, 2012

"HARIBON" MG RMS 108 Marasai vMatX Part II

Wrapped Around. For the abdomen armor extension, I did a modification similar to what I've done with the Bathala.

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I drilled four 2mm holes, one at each "corner" at the bottom of the abdomen armor, where I each inserted 2mm/1.3cm long round beams. These will serve as "posts" for the base of the extension. I made the base by aligning holes through a piece of 1mm WHIPS, and followed the shape of the armor's base when I cut it, allowing a little leeway for corrections. I cemented the base onto another piece of WHIPS, and it served as the "catch" of the posts.

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I then cut an apt-width piece of WHIP and wrapped it around the extension posts, aligning it with the base and the lower edge of the armor.

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At Arm's Reach. I avoided having to extend the arms mainly because, as you can see in the picture, there were "nothing" for me to work on how to extend it because of how small the pieces are relative to their connection points. The peg was too small to core, the upper arm is too short to cut, owing that the frakking polycap is placed in the middle of the <bicep> and there's nowhere good enough to cut either way. I didn't feel it needed it, reasoning to myself that the proportion was still okay, but I lost to my own insistence. I haven't really done any arm extensions before, and I didn't have any ready solution.

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Or did I? The solution, again, was simple; all I had to do was replicate what I did with the thigh extension by encapsulating the peg + the extension with a pipe. These plastic pipes are a bit tricky to work with though, since they don't "melt" with cement. I had to rely on the snugness of the fit, the cement does melt the peg and extension, so their bond should stay because of the encapsulation.

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Test fit.  It now has "human-like" proportions.

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To be continued...

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