Something Airborne Comes This Way...

I'm still detailing the Bathala, wings and all, and it's actually a surprise, especially for me, to be able to work on another <ambitious> build.  This won't be a rush project, but, I'll devote most of my <free> time on this (while working on the Bathala's details), and if I finish it in time, this might become my entry to the <ugh> GBWC.

Never mind the overuse of <>.

So, I'll make this <exciting> for you guys with a guessing game (for Philippines only).  Whoever correctly guesses the base kit of the Haribon will have a chance to win an HG Age Gafran and a set of (3 X 0.5mm + 3 X 1.0mm) WHIPS.  The entries should be sent via email.  The Winner will be announced during the MAC Forums Y2 meet.  Deadline for submission is on 17 August 12MN PST (+8.00 GMT).

TWO GUESSES PER ENTRY.  No direct clues will be given, for that will ruin the fun of the game.  You will have to guess the KIT itself (so don't ask about scale or grade, guess the KIT itself).  I'll give VERY VAGUE hints until the deadline, but none of them would be too revealing.  As of this edit, I already got a couple of emails for the contest. 

When you email, don't confirm whether you guessed correctly or not, but I'll reply to confirm your entry.  I'll be transparent and list everyone (their handles/nicknames) who have joined.  If there are more than one correct guess, all of them will be "raffled off" during the MACY2MEET.  If there's no correct guess, then all who have joined are eligible for a draw, or, I will choose one which is the <closest guess>, whichever is more appropriate or popular).

Update 2:

Hints: What is the kit used for the Bathala's base? What is the kit prize for this contest?

Those ARE NOT the base kits for the Haribon.  Also, the Haribon banner itself has subtle hints. 

So, those who have already sent their entries, I'll allow you to have another go at it. To be fair to other entrants, I'll allow two guesses from hereon.

Update 3:

Deadline has been changed to 17 August 12MN PST (+8.00 GMT).

Hints: It's been recently released, and I mentioned it somewhere...


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