Friday, August 3, 2012

"BATHALA" - PMX-003 MG The O vMatX Part IX

Taking Flight!  Though I will still be working on the Bathala, this will be the final update of sorts for this project overall, mainly because I have work projects coming in, and I have to decide if I'll even enter this year's GBWC. I might use this improved wing for another kit instead of entering with the Bathala, mainly because it'll be too costly for me to get another MG The O at Toys R Us at mall price just to be able to enter. I'm thinking of getting an Infinite Justice or Sword Impulse (or some other similar kit), but as of the moment everything is frozen, even my budget for any new kit.

Anyways, I've finished majority of the wing, enough to be able to mount it and do a test fit to see if the mechanism can hold up to the weight. As predicted, the weight is rather significant, probably as heavy as the PG Strike Freedom's backpack/wing. The central gear mechanism is able to hold both wings when folded, or even when the main wing is spread, and so does the wing arm. I've made adjustments to the gears of the wing arms, pinning the gears on the receptacles aside from superglue, so that it holds it's place even during high tension. I've also added lock washers to prevent the nuts from slipping out when the wings are being handled.

Posted Image Posted Image

The wings spread out. The main wings look short because of foreshortening especially since they curve inward. Looking at it at an angle reveals how long the longest "feather" really is (left wing), and how it curves inward (right wing).

Posted Image Posted Image

Test fit. The Bathala can actually hold the wings up on its own when the Main wings are folded inward towards its center of gravity. I've also added another pair of V-fins, these coming from my PG RFA.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

The wings, "fully" spread. I can still spread it further but it would look unnatural. Because of the overall weight, plus, the added leverage when spread, I won't be able to do this kind of pose for the wing (unless I make pose receptacles for them), not that it will be allowed if I enter it in the GBWC this year. In this configuration, the wingspan comes to a kewl ~100cm (~39in). I had to lay this down on the floor and set my tripod up down angle to get the entire thing inside the viewfinder.

Posted Image

That's it for now. Will post another update if ever.


  1. This is awesome! The internal gears & metal parts in your wing system really blew me away! I can't wait to see what you'll do with the rest of this monster!

    It's a damn shame this guy's pretty much invalidated for the GBWC unless you can get another The O. Maybe next year, man. Either way, you don't have to rush this thing. What color scheme do you have planned for it?

    Oh yeah, and thanks for the EVA Unit02 ^_^

    1. I tried to make these without the gears, but anything that employs a lot of material tends to get heavy because of the articulation and mechanicals that goes with it. Simply put, even if this was just a simple pair of one-piece wings, it will still be heavy. If only I have materials that are ultralight, strong and comes at the thickness I need, I'm all set.

      But, then again, this has always been my curse. As far as thse wings are concerned, I can always use another kit.


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