1/20 FSB: RMX-000X Raptor X Part 3

Pondering Pegs Provide Plentiful Positioning Possibilities

Though I said I would be working on the Shin Armor as per my last update, I realized couldn't really start on it until I've done the rest of the leg and foot, since armor placement would be largely dependent on the internal frame's final shape. I also had a 3-day class, and that didn't give me much time to work on the leg until last Friday, being that I am actually designing this as I go. Regardless, I've prepped the secondary frame (that holds the rear part of the intermediary joint and the ankle and shin pistons to the leg frame) by adding pegs to it so it can mount easily to the main frame with corresponding holes, similar to what I've done with the thigh. Though I've made the peg connections for these two very snug, the external armor will still serve as their interlock.

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I didn't have enough time to do a full step-by-step WIP for these next bits, but these are basically similar to how I did the first pistons. The ankle and shin pistons are about the same size, with the shin piston slightly longer.

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Like I mentioned previously, I've referred to the OYW RX-78-2's leg in designing the Raptor's leg mechanism, mainly how the ankle pistons are oriented, but not how it looks, changing and adding a few things as needed. I'm basically just using a single width cut now, cutting and shaping it as needed. I simply cut then build up if I needed a larger shape, as I have done with the thigh cheek frames and just a while ago, the calf. With the ankle, I've cemented a couple of 1.0mm slabs to make 2.0mm slabs and shaped it as such.

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This will lock the ankle pistons into position and allows for maximum mobility, articulation and ankle bend when transformed into flight mode.

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With the secondary frame of the calf finally done, that, along with the ankle locks, the leg mechanism is complete.

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Test fit.

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Next up, the foot.


  1. That is an excellent mechanism, Very impressive!


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