1:48 Sinanju Bust by Julius Lim

Master Jules is at it again, this time with a 1:48 Sinanju Bust.  The main head and collar is a 1:48 Sinanju Head stand.  The rest are built from scratch with plaplates and enhanced with putty.

Incidentally, I started a Chimera bust last October (whilst taking a little break from the Ronin) using a 1/48 Unicorn head stand.  Whereas Master Jules only plans to make his Sinanju Bust a la Formania, the Chimera bust might slowly progress into a full-built statue.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

Imagine this guy,

at 55cm total height.

I'm currently working on that Super Top Secret Confidential Project that I can't reveal until after March, for obvious reasons, but here's a teaser.

Watch out for it.


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