Friday, November 11, 2011

A Ronin Quickie...

I've retouched most of the parts that needed retouching and have begun painting the rest. I'll paint full blast this evening as i finalize the booth setup. For the meantime, although it wasn't part of the plan, I have begun adding light weathering details to enhance the Ronin's paint job.

Instead of the usual black/grey/rust weathering, I used a 30/70 mixture of Tamiya Clear Red and Gold enamel to get a reddish copper hue...

Posted Image

...and applied it onto the edges and crevices of the Red parts using a small brush, smudging the paint slightly as it dries to create a fade effect. I then removed the excess with a cotton tip dabbed with enamel thinner, with more smudging as needed.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

I'll be touching it up further as the painting progresses.



Posted Image
Posted Image

I'll be wearing this little bugger when I submit on the last day. Surprisingly, I immediately go my entry number(s) only after a few hours of sending it in (considering I emailed it last night).

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