Monday, November 14, 2011

Crunch Time!

As the days fly by and I inhale paint fumes yet again, I contemplate when this all began. Two years ago, I made a boneheaded move of modding a PG Red Frame Astray two months into the then known BAKUC. Two days before the actual submission date, I realized I wasn't going to make it, but I pressed on, hoping that Murphy won't rear his ugly head as I fought exhaustion, paint-fume-induced hallucinations and deep knife nicks, staring at an uncompleted kit and half-done simple diorama. Two hours before the deadline, I put the slightly used can of Bosny flat clear down, and looked at the mess I ended up with, and the dust that reached even in my bedroom.

Who knew that I'd be working on the Ronin again? I certainly didn't plan anything, nor did I have plans in joining any competitions anymore (I'm not really competitive, regardless of what anyone may assume or believe. I have always maintained that my greatest competition has always been myself and my tendency to procrastinate). I simply work on modifications, and when done, move on to the next. I have the unfinished K'triya/Cherub and MG Turn-X conversion, so, if I'm going to base my progress on the Ronin, these two might see the light in the next couple of years.

Crunch time. I digress, yes, this is about a quick update on the progress so far. I am actually proud of of this Crimson Monster despite the mishaps I've had with it when I first started working on it those two short years ago. I now understand why I didn't finish the Ronin back then. If I had, I wouldn't have been happy with it, unlike what I have accomplished with the Ice Queen and Chimera. Two days into the deadline a couple of years ago, I have yet to paint the Ronin's arms.

History almost repeated itself as I ventured forth and made a lot of modifications I wouldn't really need (as was pointed out to me by DC23). The judges wouldn't really see the articulation, the gimmicks and the underlying mechanisms. They wouldn't really care if modded a knee to improve its articulation, or extended the waist and neck to add more height. When it comes to competitions, we all are at the mercy of the judges. It is them who will determine our Gunpla fates on that day.

Make or break, win or lose, though it remains unfinished, I am very, very happy with how this one turned out.

Anyways, now that that semi-rant borne out of fatigue and non-gunpla-related frustration is out, here's a little update, which may be the last update for this thread.

Muted metallics have always been my favorite ever since I accidentally sprayed flat clear over metallic red a few years ago while working on the Big Red/Hi-Nu.

Posted Image

These are the Ronin's "rabbit ears."  The one on the left is muted, the one on the right is my plain, uncoated, candy red, layered metallic. The scale/carbon fiber mesh effect is done by laying Tamiya mesh over the part, making sure that the mesh hugs the surface of the part to prevent soft-mask effect.  The mesh blocks the buffer paint (in this case, my favorite albeit expensive Bosny Nickel Metal Alloy Antique Pewter, but any silver or gold metallic paint would do), from landing onto the surface, leaving that effect when them mesh is removed.  Then, Honda Red 67 is applied, and since candy tones are semi-transparent, they simply look "invisible" on black.

Honda Red 67 is candy tone and doesn't really require a gloss coat.  Bosny Acrylic Epoxy Lacquer paints dry fast and can resist light scratches and handling when cured properly.  The picture doesn't do it justice; even then candy red looks nice as is in person, but i still like the toned-down feel of the muted red, especially when light weathering is applied.  Without weathering, muted metallics give kits that week old feel; not shiny, but, not rusty nor dusty.

Pop Quiz: Which one is actually metal?

Posted Image

Fitting time. I haven't attached the hands yet, since the digits are made of stiff PE plastic and the paint can chip of if mishandled. Since my place is a mess, I couldn't set up a photoshoot. I may shoot this at school where there are plenty of tables, space and natural daylight.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

I have yet to paint the custom armor which I can finish in a day or so.

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  1. Looking grate bro.....BANG THAT SHITE OUT AND FINISH HIM!


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