Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cheap DIY Paint Booth ver MatX Part II


Like I mentioned previously, I've used packaging and duct tape to reinforce the boxes for this little project. I've actually managed to use up a whole 2-inch wide roll just to wrap the edges and reinforce the seams. I've also used 4 1/8" diameter 1-inch bolts with washers to secure the fan mount to the bottom of the main part of the booth.

Posted Image

The booth comes in two parts (I actually didn't plan this, but, I got the idea while I was rummaging through the extra boxes I had left). The main and top part tapers down to the bottom where the fan is mounted;

Posted Image Posted Image
while the bottom part is simply constructed with a "catch" where the main part would sit. I've made a hole at the lower part of the box, and that is where the flexible hose would stick in.

Posted Image Posted Image
Most of the spray booths I've seen so far have fans mounted vertically, on the back of the booth. Since I do have very limited space, and I mostly spray downwards or at a downward angle, I thought it best to have the fan bottom mounted and draw air downwards, into the second part and out the hose.

Posted Image Posted Image
There you have it! A cheaper spray booth. The only significant cost for this the fan, and considering I've used up an entire roll of it, the duct tape. I've tested it and it works like a charm, so well I didn't really smell any of the fumes until much later.


  1. Awesome tut! I was just looking for this! Thanks!

    I was wondering, instead of an air duct, can I just have another cardboard box behind the fan so the fumes gets trapped in another box or do I have to have a duct to bring the fumes outside?

  2. The logic behind ducts is for the air to flow freely in one direction, driving the fumes and spray dust away. The fan would be useless when the air has nowhere to go, and it would most likely flow back towards the fan opening (if it can't find any other way out.

    It's technically the same as blowing inside an empty bottle, or a container with very small holes the air can barely get out of. You'll feel the air pressure pushing back as you try to push more air into the container.


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