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MAC Musings

First and foremost, a sneek peak of what I am currently working on, with another version on my MXGS favicon:

This is another waist extension modification for one of my previous projects which I have revived.  Since I haven't had much time to work on Gunpla, I had to forego WIPs because it takes a considerable amount of time to make modifications and take step by step photos.  I can actually work fast with crucial and critical modifications on articulations and extensions when I no longer have to worry about the WIPs.

Also, I've been contemplating this for the longest time, and incidentally, a few guys at TheMACForums are discussing a group build using hte RGM ball.  I'm planning to do a quick build SD using my SD Char set.

I also seem to be experiencing my first "obsession" with the Delta Plus, along with the Jesta, which is the FIRST grunt unit I ever liked off the bat.  This one deserves an MG treatment. 

And MAC, even only a year old, has made waves in the …