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MG Epyon Wing Fix

This post kinds of ends my Gunpla hiatus (I have been working on the PG 00 Raiser's Wing Binder), as this July also proved to be a toxic month in terms of project schedules.
The MG Epyon is one of my favorite MS designs from the Wing Series, and I was very glad when Bandai announced its MG release.  Though I promised myself I won't get any new kits until after a few months have passed, but, an opportunity to get it at a discount arose when Gundam Broker M1gs gave me an offer I could have refused, but seeing that the offer involved a broken part, it was a chance for me to fix something that I didn't break.  
M1gs gave a brief description plus photo of the broken part (which probably broke during shipping), and after looking at it, I immediately knew it wasn't a critical part that that would be under stress.  It's one of the swivel mechanisms for the wing, and one that simply "floats" when the wing is spread.  The wing itself is spread by pulling the lowe…