Saturday, June 4, 2011

Random Modifications Part II: The PG 00's "Wings"

When I posted "Random Modifications" here and across the forums, I got a "friendly" challenge from someone at Hobby Fanatics to do this:

Which isn't really hard to do (at least for me).

I simply modified the blue armor parts of the drive wing support to increase its swing range.

Posted Image Posted Image

I could still make the angle more dramatic later on.  The swing angle is also limited by how the articulation is designed. I didn't want to alter that unless I really have to, since I might damage it inadvertently.

The thing is, owing to how the drives function in season two of the anime, doing that sort of pose is pretty useless.  There's also a scene (or a picture) where the drives are swung completely forward so that the 00 can speed backward, so at this pose, will the drives hold the 00 at a hover, or let it fall dowards fast?  The Exia can execute all sorts of movement regardless of the drive's orientation, so, it's either a plot oversight, or it really doesn't matter so as long as it can do a "kewl" pose.


  1. i have a pg 00 and i am still fairly new at moding gundams. If its not to much trouble exactly what did you do to make the wings where they would swing up like that and hold the pose?

  2. I shaved off material from the Blue Armor part that encapsulates the binder mount. Without the 0 Raiser attachment, it will hold on its own. I've done further extension modifications that allow the binder to hold that pose with the 0 Raiser mounted. Will post that in a while.


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