The only thing constant is Change...

I've simplified my watermark to something I've been using since college.  This is also my email signature, regardless of who I am communicating with.  The older one is fine, but it's time for a "small" change.

My band's album launch is a week away, and we kind of updated the back cover to a more appropriate image that features two of my passions (photography, is of course, another).

The kit of course, is an MG Exia with modified GN Folding Blades from my two Astraeas.  This is a preview of the 00 Infinity Gundam IX-Sword System.  The Electric Guitar is Lisa, and I found her in a thrift shop.  I was actually testing another guitar when the salesperson moved her into view, and never let her go thereafter.


  1. Nice photo mate. First time I've seen a Gundam on a non-gundam soundtrack album! Good luck with the launch.

  2. It was actually my guitarist's idea to begin with. Our band's webpage is littered with my kits.


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