MG Turn X Gundam ver MatX WIP Part VIII

Major Update!

I've decided to do the the lower left arm's detail by carving out the grooves. I'll either scribe the panel lines or use 1.0mm/0.5mm plaplates later on. Doing the latter will give me a chance to add bulk to the lower left arm.

Posted Image Posted Image
I made an extension sing a 5mm Tamiya beam shaved down to fit the frame's connector and encapsulated that with a 5mm square pipe, which in turn was encapsulated with a 6mm round pipe.

Posted Image Posted Image

This extends the arm a full 10mm.

Posted Image
The basic armor construction of the upper arm also proved a bit of a hurdle since i wanted to replicate the 1/144 reference as much as possible, but, since I'm using the Turn A's frame, I was limited somewhat by the spherical form of the shoulder joint.

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

I've built the armor up to the shoulder joint and will decide later if I'll follow the reference as close as possible.   I've used a koto minus mold as a reference circle for the section where the huge shoulder pad will sit. Personally, I think the current design looks good as it is.

Posted Image

Test fit.

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

That's it for now.


  1. Lookin great Mat! I hope you get back to this soon dood!


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