Scratch Built! New Features Page

SCRATCH-BUILT!  I don't really do features as DC23 and others do, mainly so because don't really have much time even for mine own updates, but this should change that, I hope.  Instead of just featuring the usual bedazzling finished fully-painted model kits (which, I will so as long as it fits the category), I'll be featuring mainly work-in-progress of scratch-built/scratch building projects as well as customs by fellow modelers, and some of my Scratch Building efforts as well. 

First off, the one I consider my master in the craft, none other than the uber-crafty (pardon the apparent redundancy), Julius Lim.

Master Ju's current project is a full Blue Frame 2nd Revise conversion of a PG Red Frame Astray. The nifty thing about this is that aside from converting the Red Frame into the Blue Frame, he's also building the BFA's Tactical Arms entirely from scratch, and his progress is nothing less than amazing.

Master Ju's Scratch Built Tactical Arms for the BFA

Equally amazing is Julius' 2008 BAKUC entry, his Scratch Built/Sasabi Conversion Sinanju

I have related to Julius more because we have similar drives in creativity, as such, his techniques mirror mine as each of us work on our individual projects.  I do pick up a few things from him, as I consider his skills far more advanced than mine.  The difference is, Julius is more meticulous than I am; he measures most everything, while I, most of the time, just try to wing it with estimates.

So, watch out for the regular features, as I scour the web for those who are not afraid of letting those intimidating pieces of plastic get in their way.


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