One Thousand!

Almost One Year.  One Thousand Members. And 30 Thousand Posts.  With support from popular people of the Gunpla Community, like Gundam Guy, Gunjap, The Toymaker, Julius Lim, to name a few and fellow MAC brothers, MAC Forums grew from relatively fast.  We didn't really plan to be an International Gunpla Community, but, it seemed a good idea at the time that was actually the BEST idea ever, especially since we've linked with ZeroG (which was my first Gundam Forum) and GAF.  We've reached a thousand members way ahead my predicted date, and we're even become more active than when we first began with a skeleton membership.

We must be doing something good.


  1. Congratulations guys! I'm really pleased to see all of your hard work paying off. Thank you for mentioning GAF, we are humbled by your recognition. Well done MAC!

  2. Thanks Adam. It wouldn't have been possible without the support you and the community have given ever since, even before Don and I even contemplated putting up the Forums.


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