MG Turn X Gundam ver MatX WIP Part II

The Turn X's Head

Much can be said about the design of The Turn X's head, mainly, a lot find it weird and unconventional.  Syd Mead said it took him only 30 minutes to design the Turn X itself, and that it was his best in the series.  A lot of people, fans and detractors alike, of both Gundam fandom and Syd Mead, didn't quite agree of that assessment, and have called the Turn X one of the worst designs aside from the Turn A.  But there are quite a few like me who do like it, just because it IS weird.

The head actually what makes the Turn X unique, as such, it lacks the elements that makes a Gundam a Gundam.  Whereas the Turn A has at least a semblance of a V-fin and a goatee, the Turn X has none whatsoever, hence, people don't even regard it as a Gundam at all.  Regardless, in the Gundamverse, I tend to like the weird-looking MS designs, like the Palace Athene, the Bawoo, the Gabtheley and a few others that don't quite make it to other people's list of likeables.

The Turn X's head, like I've mentioned to PhantomPain/Sihao during a Skype chat, has plenty of similarities with the Turn A's.  Both has the same basic shape, although the back of the Turn X's head is more elongated and has flat sufaces.  It was only recently that I saw the above picture, graciously sent to me by Aulon, which allowed me to finally decide using the Turn A's head as a base, frame and all, instead of scratch-building one.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

I've ditched the mustache V-fin of the Turn A (though I may still use the middle connection section) but kept the mouth "goatee" and used it as the reference and placement base for the Turn X's "mouth," thickening it, and shaving the sides of the added plaplates to at least match that of the pictures.  I won't be following those details too closely though and will change things a bit here and there.

I've filed off the forehead detail and sides of the jaw, and sanded it smooth immediately with a 1200 grit sandpaper in preparation for the Turn X details (so I won't have problems sanding later on when I've cemented plaplates on it).  I'll be using the existing connectors of the top for the Turn X's "mouse ears" and the back mohawk as well.  I'll be extending the back of the head, and this will be the major modification on the head.

That's it for now.


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