Mariemon: Gunpla and Pastries!

While scanning my blogrolls, I chanced upon BusterBeam's post on Mariemon.  My initial thought as I clicked the link and looked at the first picture of the post was "hmmm, another Pokemon?"  

It was when I began reading his entry that I realized Mariemon is a female Japanese modeler who also loves to cook.  Her blog (it's in Japanese, so, I can only guess what she's talking about through her pictures) is a mix of the stuff she does, and, as it turns out, she's the endorser for the Hobbyist: ePlamo (she even has her own paint line).  The shop's and paint's anime icon bear her likeness.

It's very rare to see the opposite sex in this hobby of ours (the only other REAL girl I know so far is Becky Law), as such we have to content ourselves often with man-love over Skype and the Forums.  She is a refreshing break from all the testosterone-laced modeling.

She can hold my Gunpla anytime...

I have to learn Japanese...


  1. thanks for the link and yes i agree... there is a lot of man-love in our chosen hobby! its nice to see this now and then!

  2. @mariemon is a seasoned gunplamodeler..which really cooks by the way...and she looks so pretty too. XD

    nice find bro !! XD

  3. Good see a female modeler too. There is way too little female modelers in this circle XD


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