The MAC Forums Website

Since I've been a bit busy with real-life projects as well as covering for my co-instructor this weekend, I haven't been able to work fully on the Turn X.  But, we've recently set up The MAC Forums website in preparation for MAC's first Anniversary this coming July.  This will serve as MAC Forum's Portal and front page wherein we feature the latest and greatest works of MAC modelers.  The website is in blog format, powered by Wordpress.

As usual, Don's taking care of most of the content, with Kisapmata working on the website engine.  The website was done to expand MAC Forums' online visibility, giving access to non-forumers and browsers alike in a user-friendly format.  It's still under heavy construction, but has enough content and is already navigable and will give non-bloggers much needed exposure.

We'll be adding more feature to the webpage as we approach the big event.  Stay Tuned!


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