MAC Forums Events

In line with MAC Forums' upcoming Anniversary, we've got a few things brewing down the evil genius' lab:

The MAC Forums BearGGuy Group Build -  A joint group build effort between GAF and MAC, featuring various interpretations of the HG BearGGuy from the Beginning Gundam Series.

The MAC Forums Mecha Concept Group Build - a project inspired by Rzero1 when he posted funky-looking but nonetheless great Junk Bots mechas all made with household items that most people would consider throwing in the trash, and the spearheaded by Kriz.  The GB prompted no less than 30 active WIPS in the Forums

MAC Forums Wallpaper Design Contest - A simple Photoshop/design skill competition to celebrate the Anniversary and is open to everyone in the MAC Community.  The prize is a kewl RG Strike, provided for by Gundam Guy/GG Infinite.

EU Gunpla Competition - With three categories; Straightbuild Painted, Custom/Modified, and Diorama.  This will be spearhead by none other than the Handpainting Assassin, Kamm.

And of course, the Anniversary itself.  Stay tuned!



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