Saturday, April 30, 2011

June is BUILD-OFF month!

Since we have plenty of people doing build-offs, MAC Forums will hype it up and make June the "Build-Off" Month. The idea is simple, the management should be easy, since the build-off "rules" will be between the two facing off, and we'll be featuring them and their progress, in a separate section ideally, labeled as such.

Anyone who are currently doing build-offs or will do build-offs will be featured, though June will be the "official" launch date. The feature will run until October 2011, in time for the BMWKC, so I'm pretty sure there'll be plenty of people joining in.

Just to clarify, the Build-Offs won't be a competition. It's more a showcase of the individual skills of people in their respective build-offs.

The Build-Offs we have so are are:

DC23 <> ToyMaker
(The O - upcoming)
HummingBird <> Aulon
(Strike Noir - ongoing)
Krescenhaze <> Davime
(Unicorn - ongoing)
Kriz <> Aries
(Patlabor - ongoing)
Kamm <> Decay
(Sazabi - upcoming)
MatX <> Falldog
(The O - upcoming)

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