Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MG Turn X Gundam ver MatX

The Turn X.  It's probably one of the most radical yet underrated of Gundam designs, because for one, it doesn't look anything like a Gundam at all, nor does it look like your one-of-the-mill Zaku or grunt unit.   Unlike the Turn A which I liked much later, I immediately liked the Turn X, mainly because of its weird but unique design.

CONCEPT-X 6-1-2 Turn X designed by Syd Mead

Saturday, March 19, 2011

X2M: Album Launch

Some, if not most of you are familiar that I am a songwriter and have a Band on the side.  When I'm not cutting plastic, I'm belching belting out notes.

Finally, after two years of production, battling with the elements, beer-drinking sessions and heartbreaking disappointments, my Band's self-titled album, X2M: Ten to Midnight, is finally done, and will be going into production soon.  The album features 10 + 1 ALL-ORIGINAL tracks, half of which were written by my guitarist co-writer extraordinaire, AJ Antonio.  He wrote all the Tagalog songs, while I wrote the English songs, with the exception of Did Want You which is our very first songwriting collaboration.

We've also employed the home recording concept, and all the collaborative work with all the people involved were done online and through email.  We've emailed back and forth and we all did our individual parts at home or wherever, making this probably the first album in the Philippines to be done completely online.

AJ did the initial design of the Album, which I later refined to its final version.

The cover spread

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Rant (or Something Like It)...

This is a looong and convoluted post.

I posted "This Space is Reserved for a VERY SCORCHING RANT" a month ago that was supposed to discuss certain issues that had been affecting me either directly or indirectly, here, and in the forums I am in, as well as in MAC Forums to which I have helped create along with DC23 a year ago and currently administrate with him and recently, the addition of Kriz.  I only posted that to deflame myself, and so far, it had remained a reserved space, mainly because my flame lost steam aside from the fact that I did feel lazy at the time to even write anything.  Also, working on the X-Walker was a huge take off from the usual Gunpla, and it indeed became a challenge for me to do something out of the ordinary, or in my case especially, something more .

The Walker was mine testing ground for the project I am currently working on, which is the MG Turn X conversion, and the 1/60 SB Masurao/Susanowo Hybrid.  I haven't posted a WIP for the Turn X as of yet, since I wanted to show at least as good enough concise progress instead of a tidbit.

Suffice it to say, these projects I'm getting myself into test the limits of mine skills, some of which I never really knew I had (or did have, but have not fully explored or exploited until recently) until I bled with my first modeling-related, bone-deep knife cut.

I digress.  I'm supposed to rant.  First, MAC Forums was borne last year from the Chaos DC23 and I seem to find ourselves in, either by our own designs or otherwise.  Unknown to many, the original skeleton of the Forum was created much earlier than that, and if you happen to be a MAC Forums member and check mine registration date.  I created that Forum (which was originally named "The Gundam Spot") partially because of my varied unsavory experiences from other modelers and other forums, as some are already aware of.  The Gundam Spot, as it is now, is now the Top Section of MAC Forums.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The X Walker Part X

Like I mentioned previously, this is the last update for this project, and since this is the last, it's a major one. I haven't been able to work on this much because I got stumped on how to finish the cockpit, and one of the weapons mount broke, so I had to rethink that as well.

The original mounts, being spare shoulder parts of the Astray, were flimsy as it were even without the weapons, so I needed something that would hold the weapons as well as keep it in a swiveled position. The mishap, as always, got me to build something better in the end.

I used a couple of 8mm revolver/revoltech joints to replace the ones I have used. I was hesitant to do so at first because these joints are rare and are quite hard to come by. I got a set of 10mm single and 6mm double joints aside from the 8mm double joints last year with a clear intent on using them on a project, but haven't been able to use them. I might use the lot of them later for the Turn X and the Masurao.

Posted Image

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The X Walker Part IX

Major update!

This is second to the last update, with only minor refinements and detailing to do before the painting (sigh). I've hit a stumbling block on how to mount the calf pistons to the Walker's legs, and I almost ended up just cementing it altogether without any functionality whatsoever, thus wasting my initial effort. My OC-ness won out in the end, and I made adapters for the ankle joints similar to those i've done for the Chimera's waist mod. These adapters fit perfectly to the red scrap parts.

Posted Image

Posted Image

And These Came in the Mail

Rather, I had these sent to my school since I was on an off-site training.  Bosny Philippines has once again graciously sent me free...