The X Walker Part VII

Another quick update:

High Impact Plastic Sheets (HIPS) as they are called, are also polystyrene sheets similar if not the same as branded plaplates like Tamiya, but are a bit softer and actually easier to shape and work with. Tamiya plaplates although sturdy and stiff, actually breaks easier when bent along the grain, whereas HIPS of the same thickness can bend farther without breaking even when bent along the grain. It also has less tensile strength or spring and is less likely to counter its bent shape, hence easier to form as a curved surface.

Posted Image

Since I'm still avoiding putty at this point, I had to bend the slab two ways; perpendicularly at first, then at an angle corresponding to the curve of the section I'm building to.

Posted Image

Posted Image

This particular section covers the side that encases the vulcan gun.

Up next, the weapons. Will finish this within the week, and hopefully paint it on the weekend.


  1. hi where'd you get this HIPS? can it be found here in the Philippines?


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