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So, what do MAC modelers do aside from mangling plastic?

We video conference via Skype, complete with exchanging tips and tricks and cuss remarks in various languages.  It started informally a couple of days ago when Man-Love-Hungry Kamm started the Skype thread at MAC, and all of a sudden, we were all spending our time, free or otherwise, on Skype.

DC23 and I have always envisioned MAC as more than just an International Gunpla Community.  The conferencing idea actually started about a month ago when Kamm lamented that since he was in England, he wouldn't be able to see our ugly mugs in the MAC meet last January 29.  I kinda suggested we could video the Meet, and post it online, and Kamm and the other international members can also post their video reactions.

Little did we know that Kamm initiating that thread would spark this ongoing conference that allowed us to see and hear each other.  Kriz was frustrated at first because his mic won't work, and he "nicked" his mom's camera the day after for the vid conference.  I was only able to join the voice conference a little later mainly because my mic was more for audio recording and wasn't set up.

We got to see Kriz's huge, er, collection. Kamm, who is English, sounds eerily like a Scot or Irish, then again, anyone from that region of Europe sound alike to the ear of the unfamiliar.  We keep hearing those jets passing by since PhantomPain lives near an airport.  I mistook Hummingbird's sister for his mom, but she was very nice about my mistake.  And, for the life of me, we were all wondering what the hell Rzero1 was looking at up there when his video stream froze.

Currently, we have plenty more joining the fray, but the fun thing is when we all exchange cuss remarks.  Kamm remarks that although I seem pretty serious at the Forums, I could take a joke quite good as I give.  Like, I'd let him throw more than I do.

So why the blog title?  It's DC23's favorite line in the Skype conference, but I beat him to it.

And yes, we are learning from each other, not just Gunpla techniques, but also about each other.  MAC continues to break borders, scale-wise, kit-wise and culture-wise...


  1. Was really good dude. Love chatting with you guys. Feel like I learn atleast 1 thing every chat. Speak soon.... ^^

  2. eventually, we are gonna hate each other's face so much that we not gonna be able to see each other anymore .. LOL

  3. I have skype now also matt-aka-mvm3897 is my id. Everyone add me so we can build together :)

  4. Hahaha, i was showing you guys my double chin!..lol. but seriously i was looking at my top shelf..=) nice chatting with you guys, tho i don't speak a lot i enjoyed it...=)

  5. Agree with agree, will have to put a stop on the MAN lovin' . XD

  6. I bet Rzero1 was checking out one of his sweet swimsuit-model gynoids like the ones you see in Ghost In The Shell SAC.

  7. wahaa!! when are you guys on!!? I was busy this weekend..though I chat with half of the buddies.Havent done video chat with you guys..I'll get you next time ! ha ha!! XD

  8. To bad we have different time zones so I could join the fun


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