Julius Lim: Scratch-Build Master

Plenty of people consider me a pla-plate/scratchbuild master, but, there's one guy I absolutely look up to who is even better (and faster) at it than I am.

Julius Lim did a scratchbuilt Dendrobium (albeit partial because of the size limitation of BAKUC) as part of his entry for 2009.  That alone wowed me to do better at my efforts, but, I'm limited by mine own pace.  He also converted a Saz into a Sinanju which served as his entry for 2008. 

His current project is nonetheless a huge one.  He's converting a PG Red Frame Astray into a Blue Frame 2nd Revise, and I guarantee, this is one build to watch out for.  I'll be updating this entry with his progress.

Update:  Check Part II of the WIP HERE.



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