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The Dragon Ronin Gallery

It took me a while, but I was finally able to take gallery pictures of the Ronin.  The pictures speak for themselves.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles...

...begins with a single knife nick.
More than two years ago, I built my PG Gundam Astray Red Frame as soon as I got home with it.  It was one hefty snap build, taking most of the night and a few hours of the next day to complete.  I thought that was the end of it, as I never really considered I'd be putting a Perfect Grade under the knife.

As in never.

But, if I consider my track record, I should really stop saying never, because, when I restarted collecting kits, I told myself I'll never paint, modify, scratchbuild or join competitions, in that order.  Little did I know back then that all it took was a small knife nick, and a small gush of blood to change all that.  Instead of shying away from it, I began scraping the plastic's surface, something I handled rather delicately before, to remove the glossiness of it.  After that, as if a switch suddenly toggled on, I began looking for Gundams online, and registered at my very first Gunpla forum, ZeroG.

I discovered (or more a…

Final Lap...

I know I said I shant be posting any progress pics anymore, but, I'm taking this time to breathe a little, having just finished dinner, and earlier performing with my band, X2M, at UR Face Radio (video will be available tomorrow via Facebook). This build taught me a very good lesson of giving enough time to do the diorama, especially when there is ground work where soil, pavement and trees are involved. It's also worthwhile to note that sometimes, it's the smallest of parts that can eat up valuable time and cause delay. As such, even though I do work without any definite plan in mind, I try as much as possible to line up what I can do while something else is drying or curing.

I took these photos last week but was unable to upload or update any longer. This is the middle section of the waist, and I've modified it as the battery pack for the Ronin's LED eyes.

Crunch Time!

As the days fly by and I inhale paint fumes yet again, I contemplate when this all began. Two years ago, I made a boneheaded move of modding a PG Red Frame Astray two months into the then known BAKUC. Two days before the actual submission date, I realized I wasn't going to make it, but I pressed on, hoping that Murphy won't rear his ugly head as I fought exhaustion, paint-fume-induced hallucinations and deep knife nicks, staring at an uncompleted kit and half-done simple diorama. Two hours before the deadline, I put the slightly used can of Bosny flat clear down, and looked at the mess I ended up with, and the dust that reached even in my bedroom.

Who knew that I'd be working on the Ronin again? I certainly didn't plan anything, nor did I have plans in joining any competitions anymore (I'm not really competitive, regardless of what anyone may assume or believe. I have always maintained that my greatest competition has always been myself and my te…

A Ronin Quickie...

I've retouched most of the parts that needed retouching and have begun painting the rest. I'll paint full blast this evening as i finalize the booth setup. For the meantime, although it wasn't part of the plan, I have begun adding light weathering details to enhance the Ronin's paint job.

Instead of the usual black/grey/rust weathering, I used a 30/70 mixture of Tamiya Clear Red and Gold enamel to get a reddish copper hue...

...and applied it onto the edges and crevices of the Red parts using a small brush, smudging the paint slightly as it dries to create a fade effect. I then removed the excess with a cotton tip dabbed with enamel thinner, with more smudging as needed.

I'll be touching it up further as the painting progresses.



I'll be wearing this little bugger when I submit on the last day. Surprisingly, I immediately go my entry number(s) only after a few hours of sending it in (considering I emailed it last night).