Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Chimera's V-Fin

One of the things I didn't like about the Unicorn is its flimsy folding V-Fin.  I've heard horror stories from early Unicorn owners about how easily it can break if the kit happens to fall down from a table (that can be attributed to its weak double jointed ankles.).  This weakness however, won;t really matter afterward as you may see in a while.

I've made and customized V-Fins before, so this wasn't really much of a challenge.  I got two large-enough scrap pieces of 1.0mm plaplates, cut/trimmed/shaved them according to the shape I had in mind, taking note of the symmetry, and stuck them on the base of the single Unicorn horn.  I trimmed off the horn up the point shown.

I then thickened the the top part of the assembly 0.5mm plaplates that serves as additional detail as well.  Someone mentioned the "stub" looked off out of place, and I kind of agreed with him at the time, but kept it there just in case.

I've also modified the very small collar to make it look "thicker," to complement the lengthened neck and thick V-Fin.

Later on, while I was searching for the collar part (which I just thickened), I found the original V-Fins of the Unicorn.  Again, I didn't like them too much, hence the custom-made V-Fin, but I suddenly had the idea to make a dual V-Fin, adding the stock to the custom, not so much like the Strike or the Strike Freedom or any dual V-Fin Gundams, but something similar.

I cut the swivel points of the original fins away, then inverted them on each other. I've temporarily placed them over the custom V-Fins with double-sided tape to see how it would look.

THIS is the Chimera.

In silhoutte, the V-Fins stand out, making the Chimera easily distinguishable.

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