Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zaku/Sinanju Cables Quick Sanding Tip

 (Note: I'm not sure if anyone else does it this way, but this is the same method I used more than a year ago with my first Sinanju.)

If you've ever built a Zaku or a Sinanju, I share your pain in sanding the nubs off the teeny tiny cable modules. Here's a quick way of sanding and painting those buggers.

Get a runner stem with a diameter small enough to fit the Cable module and long enough to fit at least three rows (12 pcs). If the runner stem is too thin, wound enough tape around it so that the module will fit snugly and won't slide freely while mounted on the runner, but not too tightly to allow it to slide enough for distance adjustments.

These modules are often cut at angles so they form a "closed" cable around curved sections. Use this to your advantage by aligning them opposite one another (see picture). Once done, cut the rest of the nubs as close as possible and sand the rest away including minute mold lines that become more visible after painting.

When you're satisfied with the sanding results, separate the modules a bit in preparation for painting and paint away. The tape "holds" the modules just enough for it not to slide off while you're painting them.

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