Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Chimera Borne Part VIII


As the days pass me by,
with Bosny getting me high
I look back to the itch
that started this all.

The deadline looms so close
and I continually scratch my nose
I stop every now and then
And my build comes to a crawl.

I'm almost well and done
and sure do I have fun
but somehow something seems
to make my body stall.

With still a ways to go
there is no way to know
I got to answer that
one last delaying call.

Here's how a jumble of painted parts looks like.

I sure do dig RED.

And here's the RAM SHIELD,

Which should give you an Idea of the color scheme.  As of this post, only the feet, hands and the scratch0built, er, backpack, remain unpainted.


  1. i like ur poem..

  2. Nice poem mate.

    If you're feeling a bit burned out with this project, take a break and work on something simple. It might refresh you a bit. Also I want you to know that I myself and many others are really eager to see this completed. I'm anticipating it very much and I really hope you do well in the BAKUC! Good luck bro.

  3. Thanks guys. Not really burnt, but "high." I do procrastinate to "take a break" so to speak. As of this post, I'm waiting for the last of the painted parts of the feet to cure, and it's off to the back pack, the dio and the other part of this equation.

  4. Praying real hard to see this at BMKWC, Mat. I still have can't get over your Ronin Astray. I know my mentor can do it. Go! Go! Go! Unleash this Chimera!


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