Monday, October 18, 2010

The Chimera Borne Part IX

Clawed.  The storm came in as I added the finishing touches to the main kit.  I felt the weather change as the temperature dropped and the wind started to blow, taking with it much of the humidity that accumulated.  I'm glad that the sudden change did not affect the curing paint, as I really don't want to redo anything.  I've had a few mishaps and misfires which I have easily fixed, and I've noticed that I could work faster with cans even with the changing weather.  I screwed up the shield earlier since I used a paint that smelled like Tamiya Basic Putty and dried/cured just as slow, so I had to forego the effect I was going for with that paint.

Anyways, another snippet.  I decided to sharpen the Lion Claws, for maximum effect and consistency with the Dragon Blade and Ram Daggers.

I also had the idea of making the claws independent from each other for that middle finger action, but decided against it because of stability issues.


More sneak pics...

Just in case you're wondering, the pictures are in duotone, and do not represent the actual colors of the kit.


  1. the suspense is killing me !! very nice bro !!! another for the records !!

  2. "Anticipation of the chimera" by TVA

    days passes by...
    i patiently wait...
    for the fabled gunpla that has caught my eye
    to arrive in it's full glorious state.

    it's beauty lies with it's monstrosity,
    and it's monstrosity lies within it's beauty.

    never has one seen, a gundam like this before...
    the hunger would only subside the day MATX updates us with more.


  3. KAMEN RIDER OOO! TATOBA!(sorry cant resist that XD)

    Great one bro, reveal it

  4. now this is truly a work by a pro!
    all melee weapons, cool!


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