Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rayloke's SappFire Unicorn

Rayloke of ZeroGunz is probably one of the modelers I have seen so far who make subtle but effective modifications.  He recently finished his Unicorn/Astray Group Build entry and I'm astounded at how he made the Unicorn THAT likable.

I don't like the Unicorn that much, in any mode, although the untransformed Unicorn Mode grew on me.  Which, for all intents and purpose, will make you wonder why I got two of them MG buggers and two of those flimsy stands.  My main reason is I got both MGs cheap.  I bought the first one, still unbuilt to this day from another modeler/collector for only PhP 1900 (depending on the Yen's value, that's approximately 3500 Yen, a huge discount from the original price of 5000 Yen).  Then I got the second one, half-built at 1400), from the same modeler I got my second Sinanju from (this guy is CRAZY).  But I digress.

Here are a few pictures of his modifications.

You can see the whole progress of his work at ZeroGunz, and the completed version HERE.

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