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I got this email from JML (his initials), asking me about my painting process.  It's in Tagalog, but he simply asked about the Semco acrylic paints and if I used an Airbrush (AB).

This got me thinking, why not make this a regular segment?  I will post email queries and make it part of my blog in the Tutorials section so everyone can benefit from it.

--- On Mon, 7/12/10, JML<***************@gmail.com> wrote:

From: JML
Subject: re: painting
To: xanderx007@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, July 12, 2010, 10:40 PM

Hi sir xander, pahabol na tanong lang sir, curious lang ako nakita ko na gumamit ka ng semco paints for your Ronin Astray project so gusto ko lang malaman kung ok ba syang gamitin sa mga kits? also sir gumagamit ba kayo ng Airbrush kasi parang napansin ko na wala kayong ginamit na AB sa mga build niyo? at yung mga bosny paint na ginamit niyo is there any way to recreate them using AB kung may idea lang po kayo kasi parang pakiramdam ko if I use an spray can I would just mess it up, I don't I haven't tried it yet pero nagbabalak ako pagka kumpleto na ko kasi madami na kong nakatamabak na kits na gusto ko sanang gawin OOB pero I'm still practicing at magkukumpleto pa ko ng mga gamit at materials para hindi mahirap, well sir goodluck sa mga builds at sinusundan ko yung blog mo ang lupet lalo na yung big red.well sir thanks sa time and looking forward to your future builds


I was planning to use the semco acrylics for the dio, which I haven't finished.  For kits, I paint exclusively with Bosny and RJ spray cans.  Both Cans and AB can be messy if you don't know what you're doing, in a rush or not careful.

The gradient/multitone schemes are actually easier and finer with an AB than with cans, but, I prefer not to invest on an AB because I wouldn't have other practical uses for it and would only be laying around when I'm not doing gunpla.  I prefer the throw-away convenience of cans as well as the the texture I can achieve with metallic paints.  I prefer texture/grainyness over a smooth texture because it gives the paint job its identity.


  1. sir can you make a tutorial about wing modification of the gundam wing ver ka? i find some on the net but all of their images are out of date. any help will be appreciated. :)

    1. Please be specific, what kind of modification?

      One of my up and coming commission projects is converting a PG Wing Zero Custom into a EW/ver Ka. I plan to articulate the wings on that.


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