Saturday, July 17, 2010

QnA: Of Spray Cans and Plaplate Scratchbuilding...

--- On Sun, 7/18/10, Peter PUN  wrote:

From: Peter PUN
Subject: questions haha
Date: Sunday, July 18, 2010, 12:16 AM

hello man this is probaly quiet random but like i want to ask you how you paint your models? Do you hand brush them or spray paint it or airbrush :S ?

And one more haha!  i've been inspired by your scratch builds and i want to try it myself, i know nothing about it unfortunately :(

but but but i really want to know like.. i dont understand how you cant the pieces off a pla plate, i dont know how to glue them together and stuff could you give me a brief outlien on this when you have the time, that would be awesomely lovely :D.

well thanks in advance for reading my email :],

from a stranger who enjoys your scratch builds!

I use spray cans exclusively, and from time to time, use the dry brush method to paint frames.

As for scratch building, I'm not sure what you want to know specifically.  I almost exclusively use cement for scratch building, and use cutter knives, art knives, scissors and side cutters in combination depending on the shape I am trying to achieve.

Most of my posts and tutorials are rather already descriptive and pictorial, so you can just reference them for now.


  1. hi
    how are you
    fine thank you...
    just wanna say what a wonderful work uv bin doing wid d gundams...
    and i just wanna ask what are these pla-plates ur talking about...

    kase po...
    i want to try modifying my own gundams...
    im just practicing hand painting these kits...

    oystersauce(hope to hear from you)

  2. hi its me again...
    forgot to give my email add...

  3. PlaPlates are Plastic Styrene Plates. Just go over my tutorials and you'll see them...

  4. Sir, I've been an avid follower of your blog. Where can I get a plastic styrene plates? I would like to create armor and weapons for my middle earth figures. thank you very much. And I've noticed that your blog's rank last month was around 5.4 million and now it became 4.2 million, I am hoping that you would enter in 100,000 rank/place. Because you have a very helpful content. More power.

  5. The availability of plaplates depends on your region, Just check your local hobby store. if not, you can order them online.


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